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Program Description

What can I expect from the 21 day nutrition challenge?
·        4- Convenient weekly teleconference weekly calls –from your home, car, office
·        Access to a Registered Dietitian each week to support and coach you individually and as a group
·        Meal plan and recipes
·        Meal replacement shakes and other products to support your journey
RDdetox Products:
ü Protein powder-
We suggest a plant based protein from rice and pea that offers the benefits of protein recovery without hormones, toxins, or stress on the kidneys which can be found in animal based proteins. The protein source provides amino acids, omega-3 essential fatty acids, antioxidants, fiber, flavonoids, amino acids, flaxseed, CoQ10, potassium, calcium and iron while supplementing your diet with a nutritious vegan protein.

ü Fiber- 

A Natural source of fiber derived from fruit, grains and vegetables.  All the benefits of soluble fiber on the heart and gastro-intestinal tract without all the gas.



ü Electrolytes- 

To help promote alertness and enhance cognitive performance, and also help promote endurance and enhance motor performance. Contains antioxidants with a blend of combined with B vitamins and chromium to help boost energy.



ü Herbal detox tea and digestive support products- 

A delicious, mild, decaffeinated tea with 9 botanicals that support the liver and kidneys for overall health.  The digestive support products include prebiotics, probiotics and enzymes help support optimal digestive health and a gental herbal cleanse.